Payment Options


Q-Card Payments
Dental on Raffles now accepts Q Card. This is a flexible alternative to credit cards because it provides a minimum of:

3 months no payments with no interest on every purchase*.

Q Card is a flexible alternative to using cash or debit for those smaller things you need to buy. 
Transactions are managed through your Q Card so there’s no paperwork and no waiting. Simply swipe
 your Card and sign or enter your PIN – we call it QEFTPOS.


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Credit Card Options

We also accept all major credit cards :
Visa, MasterCard, GEM, Diners Club and American Express.




WINZ Dental Grants Accepted

You will need come in for a consultation with one of our dentists who will then provide you with a quote to take to WINZ for approval. WINZ Dental grants are usually around $300.00 for emergency dental care. Anything over $300 will require a payment plan which is worked out between the patient and WINZ.

The consultation is paid for by WINZ and it is a reduced rate of $50.00.
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