Dental Hygienist

Our team of professional dental hygienists help prevent oral disease, they provide treatment for existing gum disease and assist you in maintaining an optimum level of oral health.

The main reason patients don’t look after gum health is because there is no pain until it is too late.

Up to 60% of teeth lost over the age of 40 years is from gum disease (periodontal). So it is definitely very important that gum care is carried out.

Our dental hygienists begin by examining your gums and soft tissues and meticulously removing all traces of deposits (plaque and calculus) off every single tooth. This is known as scaling and polishing. Other treatments may include removal of surface staining and polishing of fillings.

It is internationally recognised that gum disease plays a direct role in the cause of some forms of heart disease, therefore in our practice we emphasise the absolute importance of our dental hygienist’s professional expertise.

COVID-19 Update. Full screening of patients will take place prior to arranging the appointments. Please fill in the online Covid-19 screening form before entering into Dental On Raffles clinic.

If you are a new patient please fill in the online health questionnaire form before your arrival if possible, if not please either email or call us to discuss.