Sports Mouthguards

Sports MouthguardsWe custom-fit, comfortable mouthguards for all ages and all sports.

You will certainly notice the difference. Mouthguards can be made with team logos, names and individual colours.

Dental on Raffles are proud supporters of the Hawkes Bay Magpies. Each year we custom-fit each player with a comfortable mouthguard. These guys really know how important it is to protect their teeth properly. It’s an honour to help out our local rugby crew where we can.

There has been a lot of mention in the media lately about concussion in sport and new evidence showing long term damage that can precipitate the onset of memory loss and dementia. Obviously the collisions in sport can be massive and the injury can be caused by a direct blow to the skull, the quick change of speed of the head during collision or the less known cause, by the lower jaw ends driving into the base of the skull during impact.

We at Dental on Raffles have always tried to keep at the forefront of head injury prevention by making mouthguards which certainly help prevent concussion. We have a range of different sports mouthguards that can be made to cushion the contacts between the jaw and the skull and we are only too happy to help advise and make mouthguards for all age groups. [Book Now]