Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening service is carried out by our Dentists.

There are many different systems for whitening and we have experimented with most. We feel that we have chosen the best system to get a comfortable high quality end result. Not all patients have teeth that will whiten because of deep staining from antibiotic therapy, natural discolourations, some dental materials and past root canal treatment.

First off we ascertain whether whitening will work for you. If you have staining and calculus (tartar) on your teeth surfaces this will need to be cleaned off. Models are then made for your teeth and custom made trays are constructed that fit intimately to the tooth surfaces which you wear like mini mouthguards. Whitening gel is placed in the trays and worn for short spells over two weeks and the teeth lighten up. Every few months a day of whitening will hold the tooth colour optimally.

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White Dental Beauty Gel – Novon®

We provide teeth whitening with this amazing product Novon® The whitening gel shows results over less treatment time, providing you with a brighter smile in a shorter amount of time. These syringed gels work by an intelligent boosted pH to give the best whitening effect at your desired whitening strength. Your saliva will naturally activate the alkaline to a higher than normal pH level, resulting in a whitening result in as little as 30 minutes.

Some of the benefits of this product are:

– Active sensitivity management formula
– No refrigeration needed
– Proven effective and predictable results
– Achievable visible results in less than a week
– Available in four different concentrations to suit all patient needs
– Available in mild for patients with sensitive teeth
– High water content to help prevent sensitivity & enhance shade stability

Can I get the same quality of whitening from beauty clinics or mail order products?

No, whitening gel used by places other than qualified dental professionals is used in low dose so whitening is not so successful. The incorrect use of whitening gel can be painful and destructive to your teeth. Only we give a professional service.

I have had a beautician whiten my teeth and it has made no difference?

Some people have dental discolourations that can’t be removed by whitening. Only dental health professionals know what will work and can suggest other ways to whiten teeth.

Is whitening painful?

In the wrong hands this process can make teeth very sensitive. We have ways we can avoid this, that work.

My beautician gave me trays to wear and they fall out?

One of the reasons professional tooth whitening is successful is because we custom make trays to hold the gel close to the teeth to get a great result. Whitening gel leaking into your mouth from ill fitting trays can burn soft tissues and tastes unpleasant.