Dentistry and Level 2
What does this mean for your appointment?

Under level 2 restrictions we can continue seeing our regular patients as normal. You will be required to practice social distancing within the building at all times, ideally if patients can come in on their own to maximise social distancing please.

All our staff are wearing face masks in the presence of other people. We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for you to use when entering and exiting. Please if you have any flu like symptoms (COVID19 or not), or have been travelling recently through the Auckland area we ask you to defer your appointment.

As updates happen we will pass the information on to you. Please be kind and courteous of others and most of all take care. The team at Dental on Raffles. Please feel free to contact Dental On Raffles to book an appointment or if you have any specific requests, are anxious about getting treatment or concerned about the cost of treatment, please just ask, we are here to help! Complete the online form below and we will be in touch very soon, thank you.